Wacky Trump Jury Foreperson Potentially Jeopardizes Legal Threat to Trump

Emily Kohrs, the foreperson chosen to preside over a special grand jury in the 2020 election probe of President Trump in the State of Georgia, had made news on her two-day, five interview tour across cable news networks.

Some of the things she’s said publicly on TV have alarmed legal experts, potentially putting any case against Trump for election interference in Georgia in jeopardy.

Kohrs went on CNN for an interview and said a number of things that a foreperson potentially is not allowed to say about the inversitgation.

Here’s the interview.

EMILY KOHRS, FOREPERSON, GA SPECIAL GRAND JURY IN TRUMP PROBE: Well, thank you for having me, first of all.

And I’m — I’m hesitant to speak to something that the judge made a decision not to share. He — I don’t know if everyone’s aware of this, but there was a hearing about what parts of the report should and should not be published in its various forms.

And the list — well, the sections that were removed were consciously chosen to be removed. And I don’t want to say I have better judgment than the judge.

BOLDUAN: That’s totally understandable. Is it, would you say when it comes to — there are indictments recommended, of course. Is it 12 people, is it more than 20 people?

KOHRS: I think if you look at the page numbers of the report, there’s about six pages in the middle that got cut out. Allow for spacing, it’s not a short list.

BOLDUAN: Not a short list. I mean, when it comes to 75 witnesses, it’s not — I assume, of course, it’s not 75 people. Would you characterize it as 20-ish people?

KOHRS: I can’t say I counted.

BOLDUAN: Okay. More than a dozen, though, I think I had heard you say in another interview?

KOHRS: I believe so. That’s probably a good assumption.

BOLDUAN: The name that everyone wants to know about is former President Trump.

KOHRS: Of course.

BOLDUAN: Do you recommend charges against Donald Trump?

KOHRS: I really don’t want to share something that the judge made a conscious decision not to share. I will tell you that it was a process where we heard his name a lot. We definitely heard a lot about former President Trump, and we definitely discussed him a lot in the room. And I will say that when this list comes out, you wouldn’t — there are no major plot twists waiting for you.

BOLDUAN: It’s interesting — that just raises more questions.

KOHRS: I know, I know, I’m sorry.

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