Republican Governor Demands Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law for His State

Nashville — Republican Governor Bill Lee is calling for the Tennessee General Assembly to pass a “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” law in Tennessee after the shooting at Covenant Christian School in Nashville just a few weeks ago.

Facing heat from anti-gun activists to pass gun control, Lee appears to be getting weak in the knees, preparing to cave to the anti-gun left.
His main obstacle for passage will be the Republican-dominated Tennessee General Assembly, where his rank and file Republican members won’t be too giddy to pass gun control.

However, it appears that Lee has the backing of his Republican leadership team.

Tennessee Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton seems to be on board with the Governor, saying: “We all appreciate Gov. Lee’s leadership and his commitment to finding solutions to stop tragedies like the Covenant School shooting from two weeks ago. As we look at mental health orders of protection, they must have a level of due process, protections from fraudulent claims, and a quick judicial hearing for individuals who pose imminent threats. The House is willing to work toward bipartisan solutions to protect all children at their schools, in their communities, and inside their homes.”

Republican Lt. Governor Randy McNally also seems game to pass a “Red Flag” bill: “I support the second amendment unequivocally and believe that a law-abiding, armed citizenry is the greatest defense against criminality and tyranny. But I also believe we must take steps to ensure those experiencing mental health crises do not have access to weapons that can be used in mass casualty events. I have been open to discussing emergency mental health protection orders in Tennessee and continue to be. Any such order process must be tightly constructed with sufficient due process and protection against false or fraudulent reporting. I believe it is possible to protect the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners while keeping guns out of the hands of people experiencing severe mental health crises. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Governor Lee and my colleagues in the General Assembly towards this goal.”

If Lee and the Republicans cave in Tennessee and pass a “Red Flag” law, it will be a major win for the anti-gun left, getting a huge win and an attack on the Second Amendment in a deep red state.

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