Senator Rand Paul Calls For Manhattan DA to Be Thrown in Jail

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul didn’t mince words when he called for the jailing of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

“A Trump indictment would be a disgusting abuse of power. The DA should be put in jail,” Paul Tweeted.

Paul’s Tweet set off a firestorm across Twitter and in news outlets across America.

In recent days, most House Republicans and many grassroots activists have come to former President Donald Trump’s defense as word spreads that Bragg will indict Mr. Trump for what many are calling “hush money” payments to porn star, Stormy Daniels.

Mr. Paul, who was famously mocked for a variety of reasons by Mr. Trump during the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination fight, has since been an ally of the former President, many times coming to Mr. Trump’s defense while President.

He’s even played golf on numerous occasions with Mr. Trump in South Florida.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg appears to be closing in on an indictment of Mr. Trump, that could come as early as Wednesday.

Word is circulating online that the indictment will come tomorrow and Mr. Trump will turn himself in next week.

Various law enforcement authorities are preparing for Mr. Trump’s arrival in New York by placing barricades in locations around the city.

Expectations are that when Mr. Trump arrives in the city, there could be crowds there to support and oppose him as his motorcade winds through the city.

Never before in American history has a former President been booked into jail.

While many on the left are hoping for Trump to stay behind bars for an extended period of time, they’re unlikely to get their wish next week, where many observers believe Mr. Trump will arrive in New York, head to get finger printed and his mug shot, his attorneys will have negotiated a bail with the DA and he will fly back to Florida the same day.

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