Mayor Pete finally Visits East Palestine But He’s Greeted With Unfriendly Cameras

After being publicly shamed into visiting East Palestine, Ohio, Obama Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg finally showed up on the scene.

When he arrived he was faced with a number of citizen journalist cameras who asked him why it took him so long to come.

Mayor Pete’s visit comes just one day after former President Donald Trump came to town.

Trump delivered 14 pallets of “Trump” branded water and supplies, in addition to holding a press conference with the town’s mayor.

Trump toured the city with the mayor, Senator J.D. Vance, and his son Donald Trump, Jr.

Mayor Pete was greeted with much less fanfare, as the town is heavily Republican and particularly hostile to left-wing Democrats like Mayor Pete.

On February 3, East Palestine experienced a sever environmental disaster when a train carrying hazardous materials went off the track and subsequently exploded.

The explosion sent heavy black smoke into the air, in addition to polluting the local rivers and streams with toxic materials.

Locals and online commentators have been critical of the Biden administration for their slow response, though the Biden administration claims they had the EPA and other federal agencies on the ground the day after the explosion.

Mayor Pete’s trip is the first high profile federal secretary level visit to the city.

As the Secretary of Transportation, Mayor Pete is tasked with overseeing the nation’s railways, among numerous other responsibilities.

On Tuesday night, Mayor Pete was caught on camera strolling through DC with his husband.

He was asked why he hasn’t visited East Palestine and when he was set to go.

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