David Hogg Tweets That There’s No Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Everyone knows David Hogg as a gun control activist dating back to 2018’s Parkland High School shooting, where he was a student.

Hogg has spent the last number of years openly advocating for the destruction of the Second Amendment not only through Congress, but in State Capitols and the Courts.

He’s widely loved and praised by the Fake News media and uber wealthy liberal financial supporters across the country who fund his left-wing political operations.

This week, Hogg went on one of his infamous Twitter rants where he claims that after speaking with law professors and historians that he’s concluded there is no individual right to keep and bear arms.

Here are the contents of Hogg’s Tweets:

“After reading about the history of the second amend and talking with a lot of hist & law professors- I believe the second amendment has been intentionally misinterpreted. It was never meant as an individual right it was created to protect state militias like the national guard.

It says well regulated militia for a reason. The ‘shall not be infringed’ part means the federal government is not allowed to forcibly disarm state militias. I’m not alone in this interpretation. Over 100 years of jurisprudence back me up on this.

To those who don’t agree that’s fine- you are entitled to your own opinion and I’m still ready to work with you on what we can agree on. Disagreement and hatred are not the same thing.

Our unregulated militia prevented us from insuring domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare of our children and citizens. This has prevented us from securing Blessings of Liberty the founders set out to protect in writing our constitution.”

In a follow up tweet thread he implored young communists to run at the state and local level to one day take over and eliminate the Second Amendment.

“Young progressives need to get to work reverse engineering what republicans built up from the 1980s to today. We need to start running in massive numbers for state legislatures. We can’t do anything else until we start winning states.

We need to see what we can get through the courts right now and when a lot of our progressive policies get struck down we can use the legal philosophy developed in response to uphold such policies once the courts come back in our favor decades from now.

We need to build a massive Gen Z in state and local governments across the country. Congress can’t do shit because the filibuster. Even if we abolished it we aren’t passing any laws that haven’t already made it through the states.”

Hogg was in Michigan this week rallying communist gun control activists to pass legislation there.

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