Congressman Thomas Massie Set Social Media On Fire with One Simple Tweet

Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie set much of twitter on fire with a simple tweet where he praised Governor Ron DeSantis.

This wasn’t a Presidential endorsement from Massie, though some believe it was.

This is what he Tweeted:

“Ron DeSantis is the best Governor in the United States, and there is no close second. He was also a great Congressman when I served with him in the House.”

His tweet set off a firestorm with some on Twitter praising him and some attacking him.

Brand Leslie said: “Some serious praise for Governor DeSantis from one of the most conservative members of the House.”

Julie Moran said: “He is a good Governor yes but I think he should sit this one out and wait 4 more years. He is young and has plenty of time.”

Adam Klipp said: “Governor Abbott is the best in the country.  And as far as good congressman, depends if you like rino’s or not.  He voted to increase retirement age to 70 and reduce benefits as long as IRS and income tax still exist, then retirement age and benefits should change. research!”

Ben Carlisle said: “And Thomas Massie is the best and most principled member of Congress. I’d love to see a Speaker Massie one day, but in the meantime I’ll settle for a President DeSantis in ‘24.”

John Hartnett said: “Not that sure there isn’t a close 2nd. What about Abbott and Noem? They are both very strong and their Staates are well run.”

M. Gadsden said: “This map indicates Constitutional Carry states… I don’t see Florida on it.   That is the indication of a Great Governor that can work in concert with State Legislators to deliver for the people they represent.”

Tom Underwood said: “I agree with @RepThomasMassie.  DeSantis is the best governor.  He has done an amazing job in Florida.”

Democrats for DeSantis said: “He is Period. Thank You for saying such @RepThomasMassie and you would make a Great Vice President as well.”

Ryan Reis said: “@KristiNoem is much better! Never never locked down. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Patrick Gleason said: “Massie’s wrong here. Not a knock on RDS but many govs are doing impressive stuff. FL was a low tax state w/ school choice when DeSantis became gov. That was not the case in IA when @KimReynoldsIA was sworn in, but she is transforming IA into a low tax state with school choice”

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