Washington D.C. – January 20, 2017

First a disclaimer: Breaking News Politics does not endorse violence! That being a said, if anybody had it coming it was Richard Spencer.

It’s ironic that alt-right poster child and virulent racist Richard Spencer worships at the altar of everything German, since he was just the tragic victim of having a Backpfeifengesicht – which is German word for “face that needs punching”.

Although it probably wasn’t just his speed bag of a face that caused him to get beat down like a disobedient child at an Alabama Walmart, rather it was the constant stream of racist, anti-semitic filth he spews. After all, what’s the saying? Live by the sword, get punched the hell out by an anti-fascist protestor.

Here’s video of the “tragic” event.

An important thing to note in this story is that the person who threw the punch was a white guy. Some people would say that on the day Donald Trump takes power and gives a black eye to white people everywhere, it was nice to see one given back.

Upon learning of the news most of Twitter was rejoicing while the normally uber-macho Alt-Right Twitter was whining about needing safe spaces. One could even say they were acting like “snowflakes” or “beta-males“. Dare one say they were even being “cucks“?

Here are some of the best reactions to the punch one man threw but millions cheered.

And here’s some of the best butt-hurtedeness. Poor little lambs.