Sarah Kendzior is one of the best independent journalists working today. She writes mostly about the rise of authoritarianism so she’s been covering America a lot lately! She also writes a political column for the Canadian national newspaper the Globe and Mail and the US correspondent for the Dutch news outlet De Correspondent.

Previously she was an op-ed columnist for Al Jazeera English, where she wrote about exploitation, particularly in higher education, the diminishing opportunities of America’s youth, and gentrification. Her April 2013 article “The wrong kind of Caucasian” is the most popular AJE op-ed of all time.

But now her crowning career achievement is talking to CJ and me.


RESISTANCE RADIO – the weekly podcast where we get all up in American politics while still making it funny. Listen to us and laugh so you don’t throw up while screaming.


Sean Kent is a Texas born, award winning comedian, actor, radio host and television writer. He is one of only three comics ever to win both the San Francisco and Seattle Comedy Competitions., has a Showtime special, three critically acclaimed albums, and most recently starred on his own prime time series on A&E – “Modern Dads”.

CJ Werleman is an Australian author. He has published five books including Crucifying America, The New Atheist Threat, and God Hates You – Hate Him Back. He has written more than 100 columns for Middle East Eye, The Contributor, Salon, The Bangkok Post, and Alternet.

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