Senator Al Franken owned Betsy “Grizzlies are a threat to our schools” DeVos, and it was more painful to watch than a wild bear devouring a home room teacher.

Franken asked her a simple question. He wanted to know if she understood the difference between “proficiency” and “growth”. Proficiency of course meaning if a child has achieved a supposed mastery of a subject according to an artificial standard set up by the state, and growth being a measurement of how a child is actually improving and you know, learning.

This was just one of many questions she flubbed during the cringe-worthy hearing. One would expect a potential secretary of education to be oh I don’t know… educated on the issues. However DeVos’ deer in the headlights stare and bumbling, incoherent answers would’ve earned her an “F” from even the most lenient of teachers. In fact if this was an oral exam, she wouldn’t just have failed, she might’ve even been expelled from the school.

Here are a few more choice moments of Betsy being Betsy, courtesy of the Daily Show.


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