Donald Trump has a problem with women. We know that much from his long list of crimes against them.

There’s the vulgar comments about women’s weight and breast size, his  two messy divorces brought about by affairs, the parading of his mistresses in front of tabloids, his disgusting “Grab ’em by the p**sy” recording, the lewd comments about and inappropriate touching of Ivanka, and the multiple allegations of sexual assault and rape again him.

In yet another misogynistic turn of events, a recent Axios Report say that the President has instituted a dress code in the West Wing, demanding that all female staffers “dress like a woman”, whatever that s**t means. One wonders if anyone has ever bothered to tell Donald Trump he dresses like an orange sack of crap.

Here’s a quote from the Axios article.

“Trump likes the women who work for him “to dress like women,” says a source who worked on Trump’s campaign. “Even if you’re in jeans, you need to look neat and orderly.” We hear that women who worked in Trump’s campaign field offices — folks who spend more time knocking on doors than attending glitzy events — felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump.:

In response to this sexist claptrap, women took to Twitter to show Trump what dressing like a women can mean. They used the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman and the results were predictably awesome.

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