New York City, NY

Chinless sack of crap Gregg Phillips came on CNN’s New Day to talk to the very hunky and patient Chris Cuomo about his completely fabricated and racist claim that 3 million illegal votes were cast on election day. It went about as well for Phillips as could be expected considering he pulled the entire story out of his flabby ass.


Mad props to Cuomo for not reaching across the table and slapping Phillips like RicK James did to Charlie Murphy. He certainly deserved it. The whole thing reminded me of Monty Python’s “Dead Parrot” sketch, if Gregg Phillips was the shop keeper and the dead parrot was claims of voting fraud.

Most people would’ve seen that exchange and thought to themselves, “Gosh, that rat-faced dingleberry is definitely making sh*t up. I hope he falls on a chainsaw.” Then they’d go about their day, free of any lingering doubts over the veracity of our elections. But not POTUS! For him, Gregg Phillips is more believable than the many Republican secretaries of state who’ve told him there WAS NO VOTED FRAUD.

Shortly after Philips disastrous interview, Trump tweeted this:

OMFG. You know that uncle you have who’s always sharing debunked news stories on Facebook? The one who ruins Christmas by telling everybody he’s got proof Hillary ran a chid-sex ring pizza parlor and got away with it by using a time machine built by Jews? Well that guy is now in the White House.

God help all of us. We’re going to need it.

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