Washington D.C.

File this story under “just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse”.

Donald Trump has submitted his first budget proposal and one could well label it the “Death Budget”, because to no one’s surprise it spends heavily on money for things that kill people like bombs and guns, but not so much on things that keep them alive like breathable air, clean water, or helping people get the heath care they need so they don’t die.

Turns out the “President”* wants to increase defense spending by a whopping $54 billion. Bear in mind we already spend more money on our armed forces than any other country on earth. But that doesn’t seem to be enough for the overcompensating Trump, who recently talked about starting another nuclear arms race and said our gigantic arsenal of nukes needs to be updated. Because we don’t want the apocalypse to happen from last year’s bombs. I mean, how tacky.

(*We put quotation marks around “President” because we don’t consider him to be legitimate.)

Where will all that sweet, sweet cashola come from? Mostly from, as one anonymous source put it, a bunch of “lower priority programs” and “most federal agencies. But so far White House has been incredibly vague on what areas the agencies can look to cut spending. Speaking on background with reporters, an official with the Office of Management and Budget said it could be done by getting rid of “unauthorized programs” and “where there is duplication, where consolidation needs to occur.”

This ridiculous lack of specificity has so far been a hallmark of the Trump administration. Some of this comes from incompetence, a total lack of planning and a dearth of any concrete ideas. For instance, last week when speaking about his health care plan at a gathering of governors, all the “President” could come up with was “It will be very special.”

However in this case they’re engaging in murky language on purpose, as it gives them cover from having to say unpopular things like “We’re slashing education and health programs until you’re kids are all illiterate and you’re dying from the mumps.”

The only details we’ve been able to learn so far were that all the cuts will be in the fiscal year of 2018, which gives many of the agencies a temporary reprieve, and that the Environmental Protection Agency will be cut “significantly” under the new plan. Although after the appointment of oil and gas lackey Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, one wonders what will even be left of it to kill off.

Fortunately for the planet and people everywhere, Congress has to approve the “President’s” budget before it goes in to effect. They’re is always a lot of give and take between the two branches of government on this matter and no administration has ever had their budget taken up without substantial changes.

But this should serve as a warning what Trump’s priorities are, and they ain’t creating jobs and fixing health care like he spoke about during the campaign. Instead it’s enabling members of the military industrial complex and mega-polluting energy company CEO’s to enter a new Gilded Age, while simultaneously imposing a life of harsh austerity on the rest of us.

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