Washington D.C. 

Politico is reporting the SNL spoof of Sean Spicer has perhaps fatally soured his boss’ view of him (scroll down for video).

According to the report, part of the issue is that Melissa McCarthy was cast as the Press Secretary. In Trump’s eyes being played by a woman made Spicer look “weak”, and that is not something he can countenance in his employees.

Image retains outsize importance for the President. A report last week uncovered that he wants his female staffers to  “dress like women” (whatever that means) and regulates his male employee’s apparel down to the thickness of their neckties. Before the damning SNL sketch Trump was already angry at Spicer for wearing an ill-fitting gray pinstriped suit to his first press briefing. Will this be the final straw?

One reason the sketch was seen to be so damaging was Melissa McCarthy’s uncanny portrayal.  “I thought they had Sean down pretty good,” a Trump insider told the magazine. Another issue working against Spicer is he started life in the West Wing on thin ice. The Rhode Island native was never Trump’s first or event second choice for press secretary, but White House chief of staff Reince Priebus lobbied hard for him was ultimately successful. The two men knew already each other from Priebus’ time as RNC chairman, where Spicer was the official spokesman until becoming Press Secretary.

In another turn of events, now that it’s known satire can drive a wedge between Trump and his allies, Rosie O’Donnell has thrown her hat in the ring to play chief strategist Steve Bannon.

This genius idea might be the best way to separate Trump from his white nationalist Svengali. Are you listening, Lorne Michaels?

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