Trump Yuck

Washington, D.C.

President Trump met with congressional leaders this evening and boy did things get weird. Speaking on CNN afterward, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said the event was primarily social in nature and had almost nothing to do with the issues. He added they didn’t discuss Trump’s policy preferences in any detail.

However it seems the whole “size matters” thing is still bothering the Donald, as two things that did get discussed were his (small) inauguration crowds and (low) popular vote totals. While discussing both topics Trump repeated the same lies he’s told in other venues – that 1.5 million people attended his inauguration (they didn’t) and that 3.5 million people illegally voted against him (also never happened).

Wow. It’s one thing to gaslight the public about how many people did or did not turn up to watch you get sworn in or voted for you. It’s another thing to do it to leaders of Congress! Especially when they’re in the same room with you!

You have to wonder what the reaction was like. We’ve all been at meetings where someone in a position of power says something completely ridiculous. Did the Democrats start kicking each other’s legs under the table? Did one of them silently mouth “What the actual f**k?” to his buddies when Trump wasn’t looking?

We will just have to wait for the inevitable behind the scenes book on the (hopefully very short) Trump Presidency.