Washington D.C.

Cambridge Analytica, the data mining firm that helped propel Donald Trump to victory last November, is in line to win two very lucrative contracts from the White House. The firm would be tasked with driving sales for the Trump Organization and helping craft the administration’s messaging. Fairly straightforward, right?

Well there’s only one overweight and alcoholic problem with that. Sitting on the board of the company is chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon, and he stands to profit “bigly” if the President awards the contracts to his company.

Moreover, the firm is heavily funded by billionaire hedge fund manager and yuge Trump donor Robert Mercer, whose daughter Rebekah is on the Trump transition team. Mercer has also donated $10 million to Breitbart, the loathsome news outlet popular with white supremacists and internet trolls who live in their mom’s basement.

Will Trump overlook these conflicts and guide the contracts to Bannon and Mercer’s firm anyway? If he does, that could potentially start impeachment proceedings on the grounds of corruption and graft.

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