Noted internet troll, and fired newspaper editor Piers Morgan decided to log on to Twitter and take shots at the Million Woman March. Needless to say, it backfired!

Here’s what the failed TV personality had to say.

Do we even need to point out how stupid this is? Apparently Morgan’s #masculinitysofragile that he can’t stomach the idea of women marching in solidarity with each other. To men like him an empowered female equals a powerless male. Dear Piers, it’s not a zero sum game. Both sexes can be equal without you feeling like someone cut off your balls and threw them in the river along with your failed TV career.

It seems Morgan wishes women were still the way they were before feminism – powerless, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Oh and also suffering quietly from domestic violence, marital rape and incredibly high rates of depression and suicide.

The reaction to Morgan’s buffoonery was swift and also hilarious. Poor Piers went from feeling emasculated to actually being emasculated! Here are some of the best responses to his idiotic statement.


Amanda Abbington from Sherlock took one of the best shots.

One can only hope that the next time Morgan thinks about logging on to Twitter it will be to delete his account. Where is Liam Neeson when you need him?