Malcolm Nance is a 35-year veteran of the counterintelligence community, a fluent Arabic speaker and a life long Republican. In this episode he talks about his new book “The Plot to Hack America“.

Nance tells Resistance Radio hosts Sean Kent and CJ Werleman how Russia helped swing the 2016 Presidential Election to Donald Trump. In an even more chilling section he describes exactly how, starting in 2013, Vladimir Putin turned Trump in a willing asset of his government who now has Russia’s best interests, and not America’s, at heart.

Perhaps the most telling quote from Nance came when he described what the intelligence community knows about Trump’s collusion with Russia. As he puts it, “They know the Kremlin has ears inside the Oval Office.”

This a man with no ideological axe to grind. He just lays out the facts. It’s unnerving an beyond any spy thriller you might read.

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