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The sh*t show clown car that is the Trump administration may have finally run into a brick wall. Well we say “finally” but it’s only been three weeks. That’s got to be some kind of record for a scandal that could lead to impeachment.

Let’s start at the beginning. Before Trump became “President”* it became known to all of our security agencies – 17 at last count – that Russia was behind the numerous cyber attacks that derailed Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In addition to leading a campaign of misinformation about her, they hacked into her campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails and the DNC’s as well, strategically drip drip dripping out the info in them at points in the election cycle specifically designed to weaken Clinton’s candidacy and strengthen Trump’s.

(*We parenthesize “President” because we still don’t consider him legitimate.) 

In retaliation for this dick move, President Obama levied massive sanctions against Russia and told 35 Russian diplomats to GTFOH. Strangely, Russia did not retaliate in at all. Like, they did nothing. They didn’t levy sanctions back, or send an angry text, write a blistering Facebook rant, or even leave a flaming bag of dog sh*t at the White House front door. Instead Russian President Vladimir Putin invited all the U.S. diplomats to what had to be the most awkward Christmas party ever.

PUTIN: Merry Christmas.
U.S. DIPLOMAT: You hacked our election and installed an illegitimate fascist.
PUTIN: Um, have some more eggnog?

The fact that Russia did nothing in the face of the sanctions rang seemed super weird to both professionals in the Justice Department and the FBI. In fact they were so alarmed they decided to step up monitoring the phone calls of Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. Which is where it gets interesting. Because what they heard on those calls is what got us to where we are today – looking at a scandal that could bring down the entire Trump administration.

You see, in addition to the normal Russian diplomat phone calls that probably involve prostitutes, vodka and booking appointments at a steam bath, they heard him speaking with Trump’s (now former) NSA, General Michael Flynn.

You may remember Flynn as the guy who, looking like an angry middle school gym teacher, stepped up to Sean Spicer’s podium and said, “We’re putting Iran on notice”. You may also know Flynn as a serial re-tweeter of extremely fake news about Hillary Clinton, including the #PizzaGate conspiracy theory that she ran a child sex-trafficking pizza parlor and oh my god I can’t believe I even had to type that what a psycho.

But even more alarmingly, General Flynn is also a Russian puppet who has gone to dinners with Putin, been paid by the Russian government and worked for the state run television channel Russia Today, or “RT” as it’s mostly known here. Yikes.

So it came as no surprise to people listening to the calls that Flynn openly discussed lifting Obama’s sanctions with Kislyak. Doing that is not in and of itself a crime. Once Trump took office Flynn would’ve been within his rights to discus lifting the sanctions, deporting Hillary Clinton to Siberia, or even trying to cut a deal to get back the tape where Russian hookers are peeing on Trump’s corpulent, Cheeto tinted man boobs. All of that would’ve been fine if not awkward. The problem is Flynn discusses the sanctions well before the current “President” took office. And that, ladies and gentleman, is most certainly a crime.

In doing so he violated the Logan Act, which according to Wikipedia is s a “United States federal law that details the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.”

“So what?” you might be thinking. If Flynn lied to Trump and the “President’ didn’t know what he was doing, then how does this touch him? Ah but you see, it is 100% certain that Trump indeed knew everything. Let me explain.

Thanks to White House leakers and patriots, it is now know Attorney General Sally Yates (who Trump later fired over her refusal to defend the Muslim ban) informed Trump weeks ago that Flynn was most vulnerable to Russian blackmail and also lying about his phone calls to Kislyak.

Her decision to do this was prompted by reports that Flynn had lied to “Vice President” Mike Pence about the nature of his calls. It is being reported that Pence was a major player in the push for Flynn’s resignation. Who can blame him? Being lied to kind of sucks. Especially when, as Pence did, you go out and defend Flynn on TV show after TV show, reiterating the same lies he told you.

So what did Trump do when presented with the fact that his NSA had straight up lied to his face like a two bit huckster. Did he fire him? Did he lose faith or trust in him like a totally normal, sane person would do? Hell no. This is Trump and he’s not totally normal or sane.

Instead he did nothing, and continued to have people in his administration (looking at you Kellyanne Conway) propagate the lie that Flynn hadn’t discussed sanctions. Now if you’re thinking maybe this info didn’t get to the President, well just stop. First of all, that’s the same bulls**t excuse Ronald Reagan used to avoid impeachment during his time in office when over 80 members of his administration were indicted on criminal charges.

So if that is truly the case, then Trump has lost control of his team only three weeks in. Do we really believe that they’re keeping things of this magnitude from him? Or is it more likely that he found out and did nothing, believing as he always has, that the law doesn’t apply to him.

In fact as I write this, the New York Times is reporting based on multiple sources that Trump did know for weeks!

There is also a third scenario only now being discussed which is even more plausible. It is one that makes the most sense because it explains Trump’s actions in the wake of Sally Yates’ informing him of Flynn’s lies.

The scenario goes like this: It is entirely possible that when Flynn violated the Logan Act he was doing so on Trump’s orders. Don’t forget the day the sanctions were announced, the “President” tweeted this.

Gee, that’s not suspicious. This scenario is the all the more likely because it explains why Trump wanted to keep his NSA on until the media found out. He didn’t fire Flynn because to implicate him might start an investigation where the truth about Trump’s involvement would come to light. It was better for the “President” to hope it all blew over and to keep Flynn close where he could be certain of his loyalty and his silence.

If this is true and Trump did ask Flynn to negotiate with Russia then helped him lie about it to the Justice Department and his own Vice President, he will have committed an impeachable offense only three weeks in to the most chaotic Presidency this country has ever known.

Everything hinges now on that famous Howard Baker quote from Watergate. “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

There is a push now on Capitol Hill to investigate and with Trump’s White House already leaking like a sieve, it won’t be long before the truth comes to light. If this happens we may finally be rid of the SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of the United Staes), as people are calling him. Not that Mike Pence is much better but at the very least he seems to be recognizably sane, which is not something that anyone is willing to say right now about the current “President”.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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