New York City, NY

Shia LaBeouf keeps growing in esteem in our eyes. First there was his amazing 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle on Sway’s show. Just for fun let’s bask in that awesomeness again.

But today he topped his rap gorgeousness by getting into a physical altercation with a Nazi who trolled him in person. Man that had to feel good. After all, who among us hasn’t wanted to reach through Twitter and choke some Pepe the Frog loving alt-right moron who jumped in your @’s with an offensive ant-semitic meme. Fortunately for him, Shia had a chance to meet his troll IRL and dish out some one on one troll justice.

Now lest you think we are advocating violence, all he did was take the Nazi’s scarf and push him. Which apparently was enough for the white nationalist dickwad to call the cops and say, “Mommy! Shia was touching me and wouldn’t give my Hogwarts scarf back!” Lol. Who’s the snowflake now?

The whole thing started at the the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, where LaBeouf has started a live stream that will run for four years with the purpose of protesting the Trump Presidency. Participants in the public art project are invited to join join the theme as they see fit, with many opting to look in the camera and say simply “He will not divide us.” Lebeouf has been there since the inauguration last Friday.

The Nazi in question went up to Shia and asked for a selfie. LaBeouf congenially agreed and as they were taking it the alt-right assface said, “Hitler did nothing wrong.” Even if Shia wasn’t Jewish, this would still be an incredibly dick-tastic thing to say. It’s definitely the kind of jerk move that is at least worthy of getting your pretty widdle scarf taken.

But unfortunately the precious little angel poo-pie cuck breath Nazi didn’t see the error of his ways and called in the law to defend his weak butt. The NYPD wound up arresting LaBeouf and taking him in for booking. He was released several hours later after the #FreeShia hashtag had become the top trending topic on Twitter. Support there was very much in favor of the actor.


This incident follows on the heels of the January 20th Richard Spencer punching, or as we call it, “Revenge of the Infinite Fist of Justice.” Let’s hope in the future Nazis will begin to think twice before publicly pushing their racist, anti-semitic crap on people. Some things are better left in the safe space of a Stormfront chatroom where they can freely talk with other terrible people who also deserve to have their scarf taken by Shia LaBeouf.

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