Milwaukee, WI

Donald Trump won’t be heading to Milwaukee for a planned visit of a Harley-Davidson factory. The company told the President they’re too worried about large scale protests and disruptions to allow him to come.  In other words, you’re too toxic, Donny boy, so it would be better if you just stayed away. Very far away.

Trump had been scheduled to head there Thursday for a publicity stunt where he was going to strike manly poses on top of choppers and then sign some executive orders that are supposed to increase American manufacturing. That is now not happening. No word yet on what it will be replaced with although a visit to the people who make sheets for the KKK probably shouldn’t be ruled out.

To be clear, it’s not the Muslim Ban or another of the President’s executive orders that made Harley Davidson afraid to be associated with Trump, rather it was the threat of protests. This means the huge numbers of public demonstrations against Trump and his policies are having the desired effect. Many companies who had before seen a potential benefit in aligning themselves with the President are now backing off being associated for fear of being tainted by his bigoted stink.

The fact that an American manufacturing company is willing to risk canceling on the President should not be overlooked. One can only imagine how upset Trump is going to be at the Milwaukee based company and what he will say when he takes to Twitter. Harley Davidson must have thought it better to weather a potential negative @realdonaldtrump tweet storm than have people think they were in step with the President’s controversial policies. This alone should be seen as a victory for the hundreds of thousands of protestors who have taken to the streets in last week and a half since Donald Trump became President and Steve Bannon became the co-President.

As long as the protests continue look for more and more people to get squeamish when it comes time to schedule a visit from the Trumpster Fire.

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