Flags are awesome

A bill that would require the United States to leave the UN was recently sponsored by Senator Mike Rogers of Alabama. (Of course he’s from Alabama. It’s always Alabama!)

Called The American Sovereignty Restoration Act, it’s actually a repeat of a bill Rogers previously introduced in 2015. Then and now Rogers has cited spending waste as the main problem with the UN. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure budgetary concerns are a good enough reason to leave an organization that since 1945 has done a damn fine job of preventing World War III.

The chances of the bill passing are slim. But if it was made into law the UN would have to move out of the United States, presumably to some country that doesn’t have a bat-sh*t crazy person as President. It would also require the US to quit the World Heath Organization, which helps fight the spread of diseases including HIV and leprosy, and has also completely freaking eradicated smallpoxSo you know, no big deal.

This anti-UN fervor has been around for a long time but may be reaching new heights under newly-elected President Trump. He has been a more vocal critic of it than any other US chief executive in history, even tweeting derisive jibes on several occasions.

It’s worth pointing out that having nations talk is actually the primary reason for the UN’s existence. The theory being that countries who communicate with each other are less likely to start wars which end in the deaths of 105 million people world wide. Here’s a handy visual aid that makes this same case.

This is nations talking.This is nations not talking.