CNN’s Don Lemon wasn’t having it with “documentary”* director Ami Horowitz when he spoke to him on Monday.

(*We put “documentary” in quotes because documentaries are supposed to be fact based and his most certainly is not.)

Horowitz’s interview with Tucker Carlson was the cause of Donald Trump’s much-mocked “Sweden” comment made at his recent rally in Orlando, FL. During this interview the filmmaker pushed the lie that Sweden is enduring a crime wave brought on by rampaging hordes of raping and pillaging Middle Eastern immigrants.

Using Sweden’s own statistics as his source, Lemon patiently explained to Horowitz there is no ‘huge spike in crime” as the filmmaker falsely argues. Ignoring Lemon’s point, Horowitz tried once more to say rape and murder rates are soaring in the small nation. In response Lemon played a clip of Sweden’s own Prime Minister forcefully refuting this lie.

Despite losing that argument Horowitz then said the (non-existent) spike in rape and murder was tied to immigrants. Lemon responded by pointing out that Sweden’s own stats don’t show any such correlation. This is where things got crazy.

Seemingly oblivious to his own faulty logic, Horowitz pointed to the statistics in Lemon’s hands and said they didn’t show a correlation because “They don’t talk about immigrants in any of the statistics. Nothing in here mentions the word immigrants.”

Got that? The statistics Horowitz uses to show a “correlation” between immigrants and crime in fact don’t show any such correlation or even a spike in crime.  But that’s only because they don’t mention immigrants and also don’t show a spike in crime. Otherwise they totally would. You just have to trust him.

That’s like me saying a non-existent bite on my leg came from a tiger. As evidence I will show you a medical report that says I have no bite on my leg and doesn’t mention anything about tigers. But trust me, people, it was totally an evil immigrant tiger from Sweden and this medical report proves it. So lets ban all tigers!

This didn’t stop Horowitz from continuing to misrepresent data to fit his narrative. Finally a frustrated Lemon asked him “… are your ears and your eyes working? Because the numbers … don’t show what you’re saying. You’re taking the numbers and manipulating them.”

Watch the whole interview and marvel how Lemon somehow keeps his cool while facing down a truly epic amounts of bulls**t.

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