London, England

Not so fast, Donald. The normally polite and reserved Brits have had quite enough of your shenanigans.

In a gigantic snub to Donald Trump, he won’t be allowed to address the British Parliament when he heads to England later this year. This is normally a customary event for any world leader who makes a state visit there, as the President was recently invited to do by Prime Minister Theresa May.

But as we know by now, nothing about Donald Trump is normal.

As unusual as a public rebuff like this is, it shouldn’t come as any surprise as the President is widely disliked in the UK. In an idea that has garnered much support on the left, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said Trump shouldn’t even be allowed to visit the country until he rescinds the Muslim ban.

But in a sign of just how unpopular Trump is on both sides of the aisle, it was a member of the Conservative Party who made a show of banning Trump from speaking/lying/bragging to Parliament. Addressing the House of Commons, Speaker of the House John Bercow gave the President a right good tongue lashing.

“We value our relationship with the United States… however I feel very strongly that our opposition to racism and to sexism, and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of Commons.” – John  Bercow

His remarks were met with rapturous applause and another MP rose to make a point of order just so he could say, “Well done.”

The Speaker of the House of Commons is the person responsible for extending an invitation to speak to a foreign guest. Bercow’s refusal to do so means that Trump bragging to  Parliament about his inaugural crowd size and complaining about the “dishonest media” is definitely not on.

However Bercow went even further than that, saying as one of three “keyholders” to Westminster Hall, he wouldn’t allow an invitation to the Royal Gallery in the House of Commons to be made in his name.

So not only will Trump not be speaking. He may not even be let in the building!

It isn’t just in the halls of Parliament where Trump is disliked. His team is apparently trying to avoid a meeting with Prince Charles, who is a staunch environmentalist and has alluded to the President being a fascist. Awkward!

“Hey Charlie, mind if I call you Charlie?”

“Dear boy, you remind me of Mussolini. And not in a good way.”

Here is video of the full speech Bercow made today.


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